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What to do if you want to object to the proposals for Clatto Hill

The what, the who, the where and the why of it

In October 2003, Scottish Power applied for planning permission for 17 wind turbines, each 93 metres (300 feet) tall, and four “borrow pits”, or quarries, to remove about 80,000 cubic metres of stone. This application was refused by Fife Council. Now in 2010 two more applications have been made, one by Greencat Renewables for 3 turbines 100m high, and another by West Coast Energy for 7 turbines 120m high.

Clatto Hill is the high (248 metres) ground south of the Howe of Fife, north of Leven, east of Glenrothes, west of Cupar. Although not well known by name, the skyline of Clatto Hill is visible from most of the Howe of Fife and much of the low ground between Kirkcaldy, Glenrothes and Leven. There are excellent views of it from Hill of Tarvit, Falkland, East Lomond and Largo Law. There are 35 farm settlements with small groups of cottages and four villages within 3 kilometres of Clatto Hill. Recent Scottish Government guidance states that there should be a 2km separation between industrial wind turbines and people's homes.

An industrial development on such a site runs counter to the Council's planning policies. The main sources of renewable energy in the future will come from the sea: wave, tide and offshore wind power.  The power companies view onshore wind power as a short term, relatively cheap way to meet their renewable obligation. But they don't have to worry about the impact of their giant turbines on communities. Government policy states that: “In relation to the local community, developments should not be permitted where they would have a significant long term detrimental impact on the amenity of people living nearby, and where the impact cannot be mitigated satisfactorily.”

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What to do if you want to object to the proposal

Write a letter of objection, and make sure that it will count.

The planning application number must be quoted. If you want to object to both applications you should either write two separate letters or quote both numbers on the one letter.

Planning Permission is a legal process, Fife Council can only take strictly planning matters into account when it makes a decision. Your objection must relate to the way the law works, for instance, you may think that the value of your property would be affected by this proposal, but this is not a “valid” objection under the law as it stands. 

Valid objections are therefore mainly going to concern:

·       A significant adverse effect on the local community, especially those living close to the sites (visual, noise, health, etc), road safety on the minor road C30

·       Effects on the environment, wildlife, recreation, etc

·       Visual impact : size of turbines, how visible (the site is within an Area of Great Landscape Value)

·       Defects in the Environmental Statement submitted the applicants as part of their application.

The important thing is to say how you feel about the proposals and their effect on you, the things you value and their effect on other people.

Note that every individual in a household can object in their own right.


Send your letter to:

Chris Smith,
Development Services
Fife Council
Forth House
Abbotshall Road
Kirkcaldy KY1 1RU

Or email it to:

Other things you can do

Get informed: Renewable energy is a complex affair, and there are many contentious issues hidden under its green clothes, involving politics, big business and your electricity bills.

Talk to your Community Council, Fife councillor, MSP, these are the people who will be making a decision on your behalf. Make sure they know your feelings. 

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