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The Clatto Landscape Protection Group

Local people working to protect Clatto Hill from industrial development      

Get in touch:

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Both West Coast Enery and Green Cat Renewables have submitted appeals, in spite of the overwhelming local objections to their proposals and three Fife Council committees rejecting their applications.

Enter reference PPA-250-2129 for the WCE (Devon Wood) case Enter reference PPA-250-2125 for the GCR (Clatto Farm) case
Cumulative Effect: From the North, looking at Clatto Hill from Burnturk. The three nearest turbines are the Green Cat ones, about 1.5 Km away
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Once again, Clatto Hill is faced with proposals for industrial scale wind power development

Proposal 1:by GreenCat Renewables on behalf of Douglas Rennie of Clatto Farm: 3 Turbines 100m high very nearly at the summit of Clatto Hill

Proposal 2: by West Coast Energy, to be known as Devon Wood Windfarm for 7 Turbines 120m high next door to the Clatto Farm proposal, such that the two would form one large site.

Problems with the proposals:

Far too close to where people live

Click here for a map to see how many

Overbearing impact on the landscape from near and far

Spoiling an area of tranquillity and peaceful recreation

Serious driver distraction problems on an already challenging minor road

A threat to tourism

The advance and plans for marine renewable energy on a huge scale means there is no need to spoil our countryside.

What's Happening

In the face of appeals against refusal of planning permission by both developers, CLPG will help to defend the local democratically arrived at decision not to allow either of these proposals.

Click here to download a copy of the CLPG response to the appeals

CLPG has prepared a response to both appeals with the help of professional advisors, and will do all it can to defend the existing refusals, employing specialist help as necessary, and fundraising to pay for this. If you can help, every donation helps! please get in touch.

The following material relates to this case before NE Fife Area, Levenmouth Area and Fife Council Planning Committee all rejected both proposals

Following the revision to the WCE proposal, CLPG added to their objection

CLPG earlier submitted its FULL objection to the WCE proposal for Clatto Hill

Click here to download a copy of the original FULL WCE objection

This document is the culmination of a great deal of study of the proposal, visits to several other windfarms and advice from legal, planning and landscape experts. West Coast Energy want the Council to believe that few people live on or around Clatto Hill, or that their turbines would hardly be seen because of screening from trees . The truth is that over a hundred families live closer than 2 km from proposed turbine locations. Almost all of them would see the turbines from their homes and as they move around in the locality. It would be a relentless overbearing presence of something wholly out of scale with the surroundings. The proposed turbines do not comply with Scottish Natural Heritage’s guidance on windfarm design and siting.

Click here to download a copy of the summary WCE objection

This is in addition to the objection already submitted to the Green Cat proposal

Click here to download a copy of the Green Cat objection

After very full consideration, CLPG decided to make a formal objection to Fife Council to the proposal submitted by Green Cat Renewables (GCR) on behalf of Douglas Rennie of Clatto Farm, for three 100 metre high turbines on the top of Clatto Hill.

The planning application number for the GCR proposal is 10/01469/EIA The case officer is Chris Smith. People can follow progress on Fife Council's website.

A further proposal, by West Coast Energy, for seven 120 metre turbines on adjacent land has also been submitted, the WCE application number is 10/02183/EIA. A summary objection has been submitted. We will be submitting a full objection to this proposal when we have finished considering all the implications.

Clatto Hill is 248m high. Putting turbines at heights of 190m to 210m means adding a huge amount to the height!

These proposals mean erecting larger turbines nearer to people's homes than anywhere else we have been able to identify in rural Scotland - a dangerous precedent if allowed.

Object if you do not want these proposals to happen

Your opinion matters, but only if you make it heard to councillors and planners in the right way.
Councillors are particularly interested in public opinion on matters like this.

What would be the effect on Clatto Hill ?

Photomontages showing the COMBINED proposals HERE
Photomontages showing the Green Cat proposals HERE
Photomontages showing the West Coast Energy proposals HERE

This website aims to provide information on the proposed developments.

Keep track of how both the planning applcations are progressing
View objections and comments etc on Fife Council website
Download and view CLPG reports on sound, driver distraction, visualisations and more : Click Here

A link to the CAWT site with lots of info about windpower in Aberdeenshire (where both developers here are also active) and masses of NEWS about windpower in general : Click Here

Clatto Hill from the air. The Lomond Hills are in the distance
Click the image for a larger version and another aerial view

Clatto Land Protection Group - CPLG

When a proposal was made by Scottish Power to build a wind-power installation on Clatto Hill in Fife, CLPG was formed by a group of concerned local residents.

17 turbines, each 93 meters high (that is the same height as the Statue of Liberty), were proposed in 2003, which would have dominated our rural landscape. Planning permission was refused. Two new proposals have now come forward, for fewer but larger turbines on the same site.

What CLPG is doing NOW
The village of Burnturk-Kettlehill enjoys an enviable and spectacular setting looking over the Howe of Fife. The proposed turbines would be about 1.6 km behind the position this photo was taken, looming over the village and radically altering its setting.
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