The Clatto Landscape Protection Group

Local people working to protect Clatto Hill from industrial development      

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Photomontages prepared by CLPG of the two proposals together

The effect of both proposals combined, looking from Milldeans over Devon Farm
Combined GC and WCE proposals looking over Letham Feus caravan site to Colliston Hill.
View from junction of Mill Rd and A92 at Freuchie (75mm)
View from Burnurk (Newhall)
From the iron-age fort site on Down Law
From Rameldry Mill Bank
From the SE edge of Star (end of road to Carriston Reservoir)
From Heatherhall Woods near Ladybank
From the minor road near Kaime Bridge
From Tarvit Hill, south of Cupar
Green Cat photomontages
West Coast Energy photomontages

From every direction the turbines dominate the skyline!

Home Proposals News Links Clatto Hill