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Both proposals are going to be decided soon

NE Fife Area Committe will give its views on 22 February

Levenmouth Area Committee will give its views on 29 February

The Planning Committee of Fife Council will decide on both the applications on 20 March

CLPG has now submitted its FULL objection to the West Coast Energy Devon Wood proposal

This document is the culmination of a great deal of study of the proposal, visits to several other windfarms and advice from legal, planning and landscape experts. West Coast Energy want the Council to believe that few people live on or around Clatto Hill, or that their turbines would hardly be seen because of screening from trees . The truth is that over a hundred families live closer than 2 km from proposed turbine locations. Almost all of them would see the turbines from their homes and as they move around in the locality. It would be a relentless overbearing presence of something wholly out of scale with the surroundings. The proposed turbines do not comply with Scottish Natural Heritage’s guidance on windfarm design and siting.

Click here to download a copy of the FULL objection

Study commissioned from Landscape Architect

West Coast Energy failed to quantify the number of homes that would be nearby their proposed giant turbines, so CLPG commissioned Landscape Architect Mark Steele to prepare a report on this vital issue. This shows that there are 115 homes within the 2 Km "buffer zone" recommended as the set-back distance from industrial-scale wind generators.

Click here to download a copy of the Proximity report
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CLPG has submitted a Summary of its objection to the West Coast Energy Devon Wood proposal

There is no overriding need to develop onshore wind projects such as this one with the following adverse impacts

·      A degraded residential environment for hundreds of families,

·      Turbines wholly out of scale with their environment and visible for miles around in all directions creating a wholly incongruous feature of the landscape,

·      A highly valued area for peaceful recreation with potential for further development in this regard destroyed,

·      Detrimental impacts on birds and wildlife including many protected species, and

·      A reduction in road safety on the C30 over Clatto Hill through driver distraction problems,

given that

·      the Government’s interim renewable electricity generation targets are expected to be comfortably exceeded,

·      the scale of Scotland’s marine renewable energy potential vastly exceeds its own needs,

·      the commercialisation of this resource is now well underway,

·      vital work is being done to make carbon sequestration and storage viable, and

·      Fife has every expectation of being a substantial player in the blossoming marine renewable industry and in developments in carbon sequestration.

CLPG therefore urges the Council to refuse the planning application from West Coast Energy.

Click here to download a copy

CLPG has registered its objection to the Rennie/Greencat proposal for Clatto Farm

We have made a detailed study of the proposed windpower project

The three proposed industrial scale turbines would provide a very small gain in renewable energy generation and some temporary employment, while

·       Degrading the residential amenity of many local people by their visual and noise impacts,

·       Introducing a dominant and wholly incongruous feature in the landscape which would be obvious for many miles around,

·       Turning an area in which a varied range of peaceful outdoor activities take place to the benefit of peoples’ health and well being into an area in which people would rather not spend time,

·       Extinguishing the potential for more such activity in the area as the core path network in the area develops and Clatto Community Woodland’s activities expand,

·       Creating serious driver distraction problems over many parts of the minor road C30,

·       Being inconsistent with the Council’s targets to increase tourism turnover by 20%, and

Alternatives for generating renewable energy in the seas around Scotland abound and are rapidly being commercialised making Scotland a world leader in this.

Click here to download a copy


1. Planning decisions are made by the Council by considering whether or not they comply with its and the Scottish Government's planning policies and Fife's own local plans. These have changed in recent years so it is necessary to study all the current policies on renewable energy, protecting landscape, protecting residents' living conditions, impacts on wildlife, access to the countryside for health and well being, and much more.

2. We are continuing to study the Green Cat proposals and how they justify them. We have identified numerous issues. For example, we have noted how they skip around the fact that many people live very close to the proposed turbine positions, and how they pluck out of the air claims that there is little if any adverse impact on the landscape.

3. We have commissioned an expert on noise to assess the possible effects of each and both proposals on the people living nearest. One report is in; two to come.

4. We have access to expert legal and planning advice.

5. Having decided to object to the Green Cat proposal, we are assembling all the relevant evidence forming the basis of our view. From this a formal objection will be submitted to the Council.

6. We are studying the more recent West Coast Energy application in detail and we have worked to gain as much information as possible from them. This include inviting them to present their draft proposals to a local meeting, which took place in May.

7. We have visited a wind farm at Earlsburn, Stirlingshire which we were told by West Coast Energy was similar to their proposal in terms of turbine height and proximity to where people live. To see our surprise findings Click HERE.

8. We have noted a tendency on the part of the developers to present visual information which understates the size of the turbines proposed. Highland Council have acted on this problem and issued guidelines for the production of visualisations. We are therefore developing our own information to present a truer picture, using the Highland Council guidelines.

9. We are engaged in the planning process and are accepted by the Council as a "non-statutory consultee". We are tracking the timescales for things happening. We have been advised that the two proposals are likely to go forward for decisions at the same meeting.

10. We will continue to raise awareness in our own community and around North East Fife of the existence and nature of the proposals, so that people can make up their mind about them. For example we recently held a briefing for local community councils. Several presentations have been given to community councils and more are planned.

Watch this space for the latest information on developments as the planning application progresses