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Problems associated with the proposed turbines on Clatto Hill

    The turbines would damage the residential amenity of many local people because they are close to their homes, and because of the noise created in what would otherwise be quiet countryside. 12 homes lie within 1 kilometre of the turbines, 40 homes lie within 2 kilometres. It is widely accepted that there should be a buffer of at least 2 kilometres between turbines and where people live.

    There would be an overbearing impact on the landscape – close up and for miles around. 100 or 120 metre turbines on a 248 metre hill is out of scale by anybody’s standards. This would be seen all the way to Auchtermuchty, the north edge of Kirkcaldy, beyond Guardbridge and from most of the Howe of Fife, and from all main roads and rail lines in the area.

    Clatto Hill is very well used by locals and visitors for quiet recreation. Government and Council policies seek to expand such opportunities. The proposal would spoil an area ripe for further development in this respect, where local people are presently working to do just that.

    The area is served by the C30 minor road which is very narrow, rarely gritted in winter and has many blind bends and summits along its course. Apart from the general distracting effect of giant turbines, we have identified 8 specific locations where the turbines come into view suddenly and which already pose hazardous conditions.

    The precedent set by allowing turbines in a location such as Clatto Hill would pose a serious threat to tourism, when the landscape of Fife is a major tourist draw.

    The applicants ignore the growing activity in the seas round Scotland to provide offshore wind, wave and tide power. Scotland has 6 times as much energy potential here as it needs. The Scottish Government is looking to produce a boom in marine renewables as a major export industry, cashing in on Scotland’s world lead in these technologies.

Home Proposals News Links Clatto Hill

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